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Sundried Figs Processing Line

As a designer and manufacturer of dried apricots and figs processing lines with over 30 years of experience, bigtem prides in having used the technological advancements to better respond to the customers' needs, and thus has brought a fresh new perspective to the processing of dried apricots and figs.

Since the apricots and figs are exposed to insects and dust contamination during sun-drying process and also in order to provide unique color and to extend the shelf life, apricots are sulphur-treated. Besides the sulphur balance system, which includes controlled heat, time and chemical concentration, washing system with jet sprays and pumping also attracts attention. By courtesy of special settings designed to washing system, the damage caused by the brushes on apricots is minimised.

With computer controlled drying and cooling tunnels, which protect the organoleptic properties of the products, there are also size grading, inspection,cutting and packaging systems far beyond the classic methods.

Best figs in earth grown in Aegean coast (east of Greece, west of Turkey) as Malatya apricots processing requires utmost care to save such a unique product and farmers precious work and experiences even halt a dozen generations of gathered knowledges and experiences on figs drying and processing are carefully evaluated by bigtem engineers and simple processing lines are designed for hygenic and constant yet high capacities with minimum labour requirement.

bigtem raisins gentle block breaker was perfectly suitable tor figs after replacing counter grip drum breakers, float trap reel installed on rubbing effect flotation washer. Homogenous and minimum salt coating was a must and applied by hot brine dipping before peroxide-colour fix-dipping and surface drying.

Some clients was happy with bigtem non-clogging drum graders, some liked multi-deck vibrating graders. But all was happy with nonstain conveyors installed dark afloatoxin detection system.