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Garlic Peeling Line

Garlic globes/heads dumped on clove separator where  bouncing rolls beating effect breaks globes and cloves are graded within a tumbling drum sizer, where individuals are delivered to conditioning tunnel for skin separation and crispness, for easy pelling and giant cloves are picked for plantation (for seeding), sticked ones are recycled to globe breaking.

Conditioned cloves are even set/portion fed to 12 blast peeling tubes, for high pressure/high volume air blast rubbing effect peeling of crispy skins. For wash out of inner skin scratchs/juice leaks,Vortex washer is used and peeled cloves surface water eleminated on a vibrating deck under series of airknives. Cloves are size graded/accumulated after inspection and before weighing( into 1 to 2 ½ kg multilayer plastic bags)with nitrogen flushing and sealing.

Sealed bags are filled into card boxes after metal detection and sealed card boxes are transfered to cold storage (0-2ºC) for 1 month shelf life.