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Dondurulmuş Parmak Patates Üretim Hattı

Potato is one of the most commonly cultivated and consumed vegetable in the World. Bigtem®’s 44 years of experience on engineering frozen french fry production lines, changes this common vegetable to a value added product.

With clients in many countries,Bigtem offers reliability,high quality and turn key solutions for frozen french fry production lines,functioning at capacity of 1.000 kg/h up to 10.000 kg/h at competitive prices.

Our frozen french fry line is consist of:Reception, size grading, washing, inspection, warming, cutting, blanching, bleaching, dewatering, laser sorting, drying, frying, cooling, freezing and packaging.

Bigtem® also designs and manufactures non_prefreid peeled-cut potatoes production line and sized/fillet filled potatoes production line for retail markets and investors in the field.